Grapevine 03rd March 2021

Vanatua Art WorkGood Morning Everyone,
I have pleasure in sending you this week’s ‘bumper’ edition of the Grapevine. This week we celebrate World Day of Prayer on Friday 5th March. The origins of World Day of Prayer date back to the 19th century when Christian women in the USA and Canada initiated a variety of cooperative activities in support of women’s involvement in mission, at home and abroad. It is from such roots as these that World Day of Prayer has taken its present shape – a worldwide ecumenical movement of Informed Prayer and Prayerful Action.
The service this year is composed by the women of Vanuatu, one of the South Pacific Islands and the theme is ‘Build on a Strong Foundation’ All over the world people will be worshipping on this day as usual but in unusual ways.  For many years, the late Pam Jarrad was our St Margaret’s representative and usually there would be a local annual service to celebrate World Day of Prayer, organised by a group of local churches of all denominations. Volunteers from each church would be invited to prepare the service together, using each venue on a rotational basis. After the service afternoon tea would be served which was always a great social occasion and a chance to meet each other informally.
This year, the women of Vanuatu have recorded a beautiful service for us to download and take part in. You can find it on the World Day of Prayer website
There is also an interesting video of the history and life on this paradise island.  If you would like to know more then please do speak to Madeleine MacCallum for further information.
Our online services will soon be available for this Sunday, 07th March. This week Canon Andrew Britton will be preaching on the account of Jesus providing food for five thousand people from just five small barley loaves and two small fishes: this is a story about scarcity and abundance, it is about having too little and about having plenty for all.
BCP Holy Communion – Revd. Susie Williams leading and presiding with Canon Andrew Britton preaching.
Morning Worship – Tom Sanderson leading and Canon Andrew Britton preaching
Private Prayer available in Church
Sunday 7th March between 1.30pm and 3pm
Children and families worshipping together at home. This week we are thinking about  the ‘Marvellous Picnic’. I also have it on good authority that there will also be an opportunity to make scones!
You can access this week’s Family celebration video on our website, or through our YouTube channel. Direct link to the playlist below:
Zoom Coffee
Zoom Coffee at 10 am: with Chris Taylor who looks forward to welcoming you all with chat and coffee. Please email admin for the link.
Zoom Tv
Families Celebration
The Family Zoom celebration is on Sunday afternoons at 4-4:30pm.
It is very relaxed and informal and includes a simple message from the bible, alongside some games, singing and dancing. Please email Abi for the link.

carbon neutralThe Church of England has committed to being ‘carbon neutral’ by 2030 and St. Margaret’s needs your help! Ideally, we would like two Eco-Champions, one of which we hope will be from our younger worshippers, supported by a small team to help us in our mission in this area. You will have a real passion for making a difference. In the words of Isrha Hirsi, Teen Climate Change Activist ‘We are the generation that has grown up with climate change our entire lives.’ Would you be interested?  If so and you are aged between 11 and 101?  Please contact Susie for further details.
Bishop Christopher’s Lent Call helps each of us to keep a holy and prayerful Lent as we consider our lives and how we can show our love for God to the world. The theme for this year is food insecurity. There is a link to the Bishops pastoral letter on our website: 
Wandsworth Food BankThere are five projects which cover each week of Lent, this week the focus is on Projects in the
Kingston Episcopal Area.
During the first lockdown in March 2020, the Wandsworth Food Bank provided emergency food and essential supplies to 1,200 individual households, seven in 10 of whom had never had to use its services before. In November and December, Wandsworth Food Bank provided nearly 300 seven-day emergency food supplies a week to local people and families. Four in 10 of these are for children, three-quarters of whom are primary school age or younger.
Wandsworth Food Bank also runs an advice project in partnership with Citizens Advice Wandsworth and this saw a similar huge spike in need in 2020. The service provides expert advice and undertakes casework to try to help people resolve the problems causing crisis and hardship, including problems related to housing, benefits, employment, domestic violence, and rights of refugees and asylum seekers. It is a vital part of the provision offered by the Wandsworth Food Bank. It is not just at the Wandsworth Food Bank that people are grateful for the help and support they are being given.
norwood and brixtonThe Norwood & Brixton Food Bank started more than nine years ago and was originally based at St Luke, West Norwood. It is also part of the Trussell Trust network. The project has gradually expanded as the need has grown, working also from St Paul’s Brixton and Beacon Church, Brixton (when it was possible). Gradually, those involved in the food bank came to
Please also do visit our website, under What’s On to read more about each of the beneficiaries of the Bishop’s Lent Call and the valuable work they are carrying out. If you would like to donate, please do not hesitate to contact me for further details alternatively you can make an online donation via Southwark’s website at the following link: 

Diary Dates
Webinar on Modern Slavery, Saturday 24th April, 9.30am to 11.45am for further details please see attached Grapevine or go to:
In the meantime, for all this and more please go to the Grapevine
We are always grateful for any online donations, please use either QR code or link below. Thank you.
In the meantime, the direct link is as follows:
We do pay fees when visitors donate in this way so if you are a member of our regular church family it would still be very much appreciated if you would donate by BACS or Direct Debit as usual.
world day of prayerThis week I as I started with World Prayer Day, I would like to leave you all with a song composed at the WDP Preparatory Workshop by members of the WDP National Vanuatu Committee, the arrangement was put together by S Turner. (Ni-Vanuatu are the people of Vanuatu)
It is time to get together as a nation and family.
Let’s forget our differences and let us work in unity.
Let us build up Vanuatu with love and unity.
We are family, we are one. We are Ni-Vanuatu.
From the North down to the South, all the islands, we are one.
In God we stand, brothers and sisters we are strong.
Let us build up Vanuatu with love and unity.
We are family, we are one. We are Ni-Vanuatu.
 The World Day of Prayer logo (shown above) was designed for the 1982 service. The design comprises arrows converging from the four points of the compass, four figures kneeling in prayer, the Celtic cross and a circle representing the world and our unity through all our diversity.
Wishing you all a safe and happy week.

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